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Get your ideas across in the most impactful way possible with Vyrgyl’s all-in-one platform for building a powerful pitch deck. With templates to get you started and deep-dive sector specialist reviews, you can craft a winning pitch with ease.

We are entering the most challenging investment landscape in recent history

We believe that great companies are made in every cycle.
And evidence shows that the most durable start-ups are those ‘born in the fire’ of a bear market.
With our help, you can be amongst the few to thrive.


New Businesses launched in 2021 across the UK


Businesses were created every hour across the UK in the first half of 2022


Startups raised capital in 2022 (stats confirmed in June)

Get the funding you need

Vyrgyl offers an unrivalled, expert-led pitch deck review, and a suite of resources to get founders in front of investors. We provide investor directories, tried-and-tested pitch deck templates, a pitch deck online editor, and incisive guidance for the founder community in our blog posts and contributor articles. 

Take the guesswork out of creating a pitch deck.

Don’t waste time stumbling in the dark trying to figure out how to format your pitch deck. With our online editor, you’ll get access to templates and expert advice so you can create a compelling and persuasive presentation.

Peerless guidance from industry experts

The first step to raising capital is a professional and compelling pitch deck. We will select industry experts to review your pitch deck, and provide tailored advice on investor targeting, drawn from decades of experience. Think of it as the final rehearsal.

Getting founders on the radar

Our VC and Angel network is unparalleled. Whether you are a start-up with a revolutionary idea or a mature company seeking to expand, we will promote your fundraising with selected investment managers, and generate industry hype for those not yet ready to launch. 

What services we can offer you

You can choose the package best suited to your stage in the fundraising journey. If you are unsure or have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help. 

Final Rehearsal

For founders and entrepreneurs who are ready to raise capital, and who need an incisive, expert-led review of their pitch-deck ahead of contacting potential investors.

What’s included:

Pitch-deck or business case review by a sector specialist
Tailored advice on targeting investors from experienced investment managers
Promotion of your business or fundraise to a curated selection of Angels and VCs (optional add-on)

Founder suite

basic access

Access to a wide range of valuable resources for founders and entrepreneurs at the planning stage of their business launch or fundraise.

What’s included:

Professionally produced pitch-deck templates
UK VC and Angel investor directory (with access to updates and changes available as an add-on)
Access to all contributors insights, blog posts and articles

Founder suite

full access

A comprehensive package for founders and entrepreneurs, taking them right through to securing investor capital, whether from an initial idea stage or from an already established business.

What’s included:

Expert-led pitch deck and business case review, and tailored advice on positioning for investors
On-demand consultancy
Complementary access to all founder resources (pitch-deck templates, contributor insights, fully updated VC and Angel investor directory access, and more)
Promotion of your business or fundraise to a curated selection of Angels and VCs

Increase your chance of success.

Need to perfect your pitch deck? Get feedback from an industry expert to make sure you’re on the right track. With our reviews, you’ll be fully prepared for that all-important pitch. Maybe the most important meeting of your life. We’ll give you the chance to practice, review, and test your pitch deck in front of an industry expert who will provide feedback and advice on how to best position your company and talk to investors.

Interested to read more about our research methods and what sits at the heart of Vyrgyl?

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