Launching in a Bear Market & navigating the challenges with confidence

Every new enterprise needs capital, but in a time of spiraling interest rates and dire economic indicators, funds available to entrepreneurs are at their lowest level since the Great Financial Crash.

VCs, Angels, Private Equity investors – everyone is belt-tightening. That means fewer and smaller deals, and heightened scrutiny of founder teams.

Quite simply, it has never been harder to raise capital.

Bear market

2022 saw a marked decline in the size and
volume of venture capital-backed deals, against
a backdrop of tumbling valuations and fears of a
global recession. 2023 is forecast to be worse

This has created huge challenges for entrepreneurs
in search of growth capital, with less cash available
and fewer investors.

Vyrgyl’s specialism is guiding founders through this
landscape. With unparalleled sector expertise we
will perfect your pitch-deck, target your raise and
have you fully prepared to secure the capital you
need to flourish.

In crisis there is opportunity

For those with capital as well as courage.

We believe that great companies are made in every cycle.

Evidence points to the most durable start-ups as those which are ‘born in the fire’.

The last decade’s greatest VC vintages were those deals made during and immediately after the Great Financial Crash. Resilience in the hard times meant they flourished in the good times.

With the use of sector experts (not merely pitch-deck creators) we can resource and refine your pitch, and get you in front of an audience. Pairing courageous, talented founders with the right investors is what we do.

With Vyrgyl beside you, there is nothing to fear from the bear market.

Launch Your Success Story in a Bear Market: Get Funding with Our Expert Help

Founders have a unique opportunity to be the be part of the next wave of record-breaking
start-up companies; the great venture capital and Angel-backed vintages of the coming
economic cycle. Their challenge is securing growth capital from the right investment partners.

Vyrgyl has the resource and understanding to steer you through today’s challenges, and
will help you to launch tomorrow’s powerhouse businesses.

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